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Technical presentations will be assessed as per criteria below:

NumberCriteria ItemTutorial VideoCriteria CodeDescriptionPointsTotal Points
1Project Selection
Watch Video
1.1Definition of problem515
1.2Alignment of the project to the organisation's Goals/ Objectives/ Vision5
1.3Methods and tools used for target setting; and explanation of reasons5
2Project AnalysisWatch Video
2.1Existing situation/challenge/problem/practice/opportunity525
2.2Methods and/or tools used to identify and verify possible root cause(s)10
2.3Analysis of data to select the final root cause(s)5
2.4Effectiveness of tools used throughout the project5
3Project SolutionsWatch Video
3.1Problem solving tools/ methods used, innovative ideas, best practices considered, technologies leveraged/adopted/used to develop possible solutions515
3.2Final selection of solutions(s)5
3.5Implementation Plan & Implementation5
4ResultsWatch Video

4.1Tangible benefits achieved and reported525
4.2Intangible benefits achieved and reported5
4.3Results achieved/ Productivity/Quality improved/Impact of Results to the organisation's Goals/Objectives/Vision5
4.4Sustainability of solution explained5
4.5Creation of spin-offs for the other opportunities and/or continual improvement efforts5
5Team Management and Project PresentationWatch Video

5.1Team contribution to the project1020
5.2Team effectiveness5
5.3Presentation is well organised and complete5