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Day 1: Technical sessions and Assessments by local jurors

Day 2: Technical sessions and Assessments by local jurors

Day 3: Morning: Assessment of Gold Awardees Project by International panel

Evening: Award Ceremony


Technical Sessions

Technical sessions will be assessed in 3 categories

  • Category Small and medium private enterprises
  • Category Large private enterprises
  • Category Government departments and parastatals

Technical presentations

Case studies/improvement projects will be presented by teams (minimum number of participants per team is 3) in parallel sessions according to a pre-determined time table during a 2-day convention on the 1st and 2nd August 2018.Teams will be assessed as per the criteria established for the NPQC 2018

  • Presentation schedules will be announced in July 2018
  • The presentation should be of 20 minutes including set up time and 5 minutes for questions and answers from the jurors for a total of 20 minutes per slot
  • One (1) timekeeper and one (1) moderator will be present in each room
  • Commentaries and feed backs from the audience on the presentation will not be offered
  • Each technical session presentation will be evaluated by three (3) judges


  • Power Point Presentations/Project Book must be in English. Presentations can be in English, French or Creole with power point, videos, role plays etc
  • There is no limitation on the number of slides to be presented: however, please keep in mind that the presentation must be completed in 20 minutes. A deduction of one (1) full point will correspond to every one (1) minute excess in the presentation time
  • It is the team’s option to bring printed full project report and annexures for use by the judges


  • Presenting teams shall send their soft presentations to the NPCC one week before the convention which will be compiled as per the order of  the presentations
  • One LCD projector and two microphones will be available inside the room where competition will be held. Note that clicker gadget will be provided
  •  In order to prepare for unexpected presentation equipment failure, all teams are expected to bring a backup of their presentation.